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Title: "Run2"           By: Woof           Date: 9/10/10          

Info: This sequel to the joint "Run" was put together by Woof. It's jam packed with animations by your favorite animators. Enjoy!
Animators (in no particular order): Woof, stone, Terkoiz, Hyun, Miccool, Pluto, n0 trusting, Frank, Jombo, Bluntanims, Geo, fresh, Supranova, Theory, LogiX, Ajvar and Blizz.

Commenting/voting is not avable.


Title: Back up           By: Gunnzoz           Date: 7/06/10          

AnimCafe is back everybody, since Chip came back after being away for about 1-1 1/2 months and for all that time I've wanted to bring this place back. Now its me that is in command with Chip(n0 trusting) to help me, we are hoping it will be as good as it used to be and even better, at least i am.

For now the forums will look empty, but as we get traffic i will bring back and add catagories.

Now I will try and get old members back, but if you see someone please tell them this place is back, or tell new people to come here :3

Signitures and avatars coming.
Title: "Front Page Scrolling Banners"           By: n0 trusting           Date: 9/10/10          

As you might have noticed, at the top of this page there are image(s) scrolling from right to left. You can be a part of this and make your own banner to scroll! More details here.

The Theater Version 2.0 is also complete! Check it out.